Why Do People Think Bunting is a Good Idea

Bunting is the perfect visual method to advertise your product

You can print anything on bunting and hang it right above head height. Your advertising does not have to be picked up or touched; it is hanging at the perfect height to grab your customer’s attention. Bunting is long lasting and because it is not handled, it stays looking great for long periods of time. It is also reversible because bunting is sewn to look the same on both sides.

Bunting comes in all shapes and sizes

Bunting flags are sewn to vinyl tape, there are no limitations to shape or size or even length of the bunting. The only requirement is to have a 12mm area on the printed item that can be sewn into the tape so the image you want presented is not covered by the tape. You can have the flags sewn with 50mm gaps, 200mm gaps or without any gaps between them. Your options are limitless.

Bunting can be anything to anyone

Bunting has such a huge array of design and presentation that you are able to create the look you want with so many options. It may be a flag that promotes a new book, a new fruit or a new cereal. It may be a way to showcase a company’s product or a way to isolate areas of an athletics carnival. Bunting can be personalised for a birthday or be  a range of colours for a festival. The possible uses of bunting are immense.

Bunting is front and center

Bunting can be sewn to any lengths. It can be at the front of the counter of the store, or it can be tied across the aisles in a supermarket. Bunting can even be strung across the street for a parade or to cordon of an area in a building site. Bunting can be 2 meters or 200 meters. It can be inside our outside. If it is outside lashing is sewn in so that it is reinforced during winds and rain.

Bunting can be permanent or temporary

Bunting is tied or pinned to an area and can be of a permanent or temporary nature. The options for materials are so varied that the longevity of the bunting is determined by the choice of material. This creates a product that can be reused again and again or left to hang for an indeterminate amount of time. The options are also for a cheaper option such as printed paper to be used if the time period for display is a short one.

Bunting can be made from any material

With today’s digital world, bunting can be printed on a multitude of products, or there can be no print required, with the use of colour alone to make the impact. Light weight PVC, vinyl, synthetic paper or art board give you the opportunity to create the bunting for your requirements. The shape and design of bunting is only limited by your imagination.

Bunting is eye catching

Bunting is noticed because the visual impact is so great. With the use of customised imagery or die cut shapes you are able to present your promotional message that is specific to your event or shop. Bunting does not have a standard design; you get to choose what will fit with your brand. It is entirely customisable.

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